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Thriving or Surviving? Either way, These Apps Will Help

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In the bizarre age of social distancing, social media has used a few signature terms to help add humor to our unfortunate circumstances. Memes mocking the countless inspirational messages that start with “In these strange and uncertain times…”, WFH emails that open with “I hope this finds you well”, and of course, the popular poll “ Are you thriving or surviving?”

That last one seems to be the most relatable as we all flip from the former to the latter, one day to the next. But whether you’re currently thriving in solitude and looking for your next project or merely trying to survive it and need a pick me up, we’ve made a list of apps to help bellow the flames of your creative fires.

If you’re looking to learn an instrument

Try Yousisian. Offering lessons in singing, bass, guitar, piano and ukulele, you can finally make that dream of being in a band come true (once we’re allowed to be around people again, that is.) The app boasts thousands of songs, lessons and exercises for your unlimited use and can even listen to your playing and evaluate it in real time. Try it free for a week and then keep playing for just $30 bucks a month. Whew! Lessons without facetime. The introverted artist’s dream.

If you’re looking to get smacked with a little knowledge

You don’t need to pay all that money for MasterClass. Try Coursera and find countless classes curated by MoMA, Stanford or Yale. Whether you’re interested in learning more about art, psych, business or wellness, Coursera got you covered. 

Done with your course and ready to put your knowledge to the test in the real world?

Checkout Upwork! Upwork is a site designed to connect freelancers with companies looking to hire out for projects. (How do you think I got this gig?) Offering jobs in writing, design, IT, software development and more, it’s the perfect platform for creatives sheltering in place to get back to work and make some extra money.

Get ya culture on,’cause Tiger King doesn’t count. 

Smartphones are cool, aren’t they? Well if you don’t have the Google Arts and Culture app, you don’t even know half of how cool they can be. Virtual tour the Louvre in Paris or the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Explore historic cultural hubs like Florence or the hidden worlds of national parks. The world is at your fingertips… and it’s free!