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Whats in this story

Hello darlings,

I’m Brynna and I’m the Editor in Chief of The Feed — An online community geared toward those who appreciate creativity, and written by an established community of thinkers and artists covering life from every angle.

I say that sometimes, “I’m the Editor in Chief,” and I laugh at myself. (I have a loud, silly laugh that’s often discontinuous thanks to tiny, intermittent snorts that evoke my mother’s outspoken disapproval.) I laugh because sometimes I just feel like a goofy kid.

I’m only 25, but you might not even give me that much. I’ve got a babyface and hair that changes from pink, to blue to green and back again whenever my mood changes. I show off my loud silly laugh like it’s my most prized possession, I blow bubbles on busy streets, I sip gin from curly, colorful straws and I almost always have a strawberry lollipop tucked in my cheek. I read 4 books at a time, I read tarot cards, I read love letters from a man, I read the instructions on shampoo bottles. I like to believe in magic.

…But these are just details. Here’s the meat of it…

Sure, I’m goofy, but I was given this shiny, new title for a reason: Someone had faith that a person who forfeited a career with renowned fashion publications to become a self-employed travel writer has what it takes to turn an online collection of work into something wonderful. Someone entertained the idea that two years of traipsing through Europe, across Southeast Asia and over to East Africa might give a woman something to say.

And goodness, has it. Every single step has inspired a thousand written words that have taken up residence here at The Feed. With those words and those stories, I live here on this site. And over the past few months, we — the people who have put our hearts and souls into these pages– have been inviting others to come live here with us. To help us create a community of creatives that can bring art back to the internet.

See, if there’s one thing that becomes magnificently obvious as you meet talented artists in corners all over the world, it’s that art is everywhere out there. But as a society, we’re letting art in the mainstream die. Memes replace paintings. Synthetic pop sounds rule the radio stations. We give up on any article that isn’t in the form of a neat, little list that can be scrolled through in under a minute. We want the abbreviated versions of everything. But when you only skim through the meat of it, you miss the details. And the details are the beautiful part…

Life is found in those few, perfectly-strung-together words, stuffed in the middle of a rambling paragraph, that sticks in your mind all day long. In the heartfelt brush strokes. In the perfect angle of the lens and the way the lighting intensifies the hope in her eyes. Life is in the emotion behind that bluesy guitar riff that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. It’s in the details, man.

Here at The Feed, we want to create a space on the internet where originality and creativity are still recognized and celebrated. We want to make sure the details don’t go unnoticed. We want to be a house where art can live.

And so we will.

Come inside and make yourself at home.