Maleeka Hollaway uses her influence to be recognized by Forbes

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At 27 years old, two time Best-Selling Author, HBCU Graduate & Small Business Owner, Maleeka T. Hollaway, has accepted the invitation to join the elite Forbes Coaches Council.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen her name scroll across your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Periscope feed.

In 2015, Maleeka T. Hollaway launched onto the scene of Periscope building a wide audience of social media influencers and aspiring entrepreneurs. And in her efforts of “edutaining” her listeners through open dialogue, tips and tricks to building an audience and connecting them to other motivational and business-savvy greats, her business exploded.

Since then, Maleeka has gone on to travel both nationally and internationally sharing her personal experiences with domestic violence and entrepreneurship, all in the name of inspiring people of all ages not to be a victim of life’s circumstances. She is the co-author of two best-selling titles, “20 Beautiful Women: Volume 2” and “Release: Untold Stories about Inner Strength, Resilience, and Overcoming Challenges,” the editor of multiple best-selling titles, contributor to The Huffington Post and and now, an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

An “invitation-only organization for successful business and career coaches,” the Forbes Coaches Council is full of elite members and top-industry performers, and now it adds Maleeka to the ranks. Having been in the life and business coaching field for over three years, Maleeka is both surprised and excited at her recent success. “Sometimes, we as millennials undermine our abilities and our successes when we compare ourselves to others. I always thought that hidden success was okay! I never wanted to be out in the open; but, it seems that other plans have been made for me,” says Maleeka when asked about how she felt in receiving the invitation call. “Getting a call from the Forbes Coaches Council asking if I wanted to join them literally changed the way I see myself and my business. This is all catapulting me into overdrive in the way I serve my clients, and in the way I do life as a whole.”

Maleeka is becoming one of the most influential voices in the millennial generation as she forges on to inspire the masses to stop chasing their dreams and to start living them. In less than a month, she will be crossing the graduation stage at the Alabama A & M University 2017 Spring Commencement ceremony to receive her second degree, a Masters of Science in Communication Specialist with a concentration in business. “Just a little while ago, no one believed I would finish my first degree, let alone go on to get a second. It’s amazing what one can do when the decision is finally made to do better and be better. I pray I am making people proud!”

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