The Breakup Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Relationship Tree: How to Get Through Your Next Breakup

I’ve been through  *eh hem* a few breakups. I mean, I’m pretty much an expert. (Look at me, asserting self love wherever I can.) Breaking up with, being broken up with, literally just leaving the country mid-relationship (twice)… You name…

Forrest Gump and [Insert Name of Your Crush] Sitting in a Tree

You’re totally normal. (Well,probably not totally, but you’ve at least got a handle on yourself.) You’re confident. You’re comfortable. And then all of the sudden it hits you. A terrifying and uncomfortable realization….You have a crush on someone.

Perspective and the Prospect of Us: The one thing that matters in modern dating

What I have started to figure out, though, is this: Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you’re not on the same page with the person that you’re interested in… If you are investing much more time and effort than they are…If you feel like you’re constantly receiving mixed signals or continuously having to make excuses for tactless or thoughtless behavior…Move on.