Obama Didn’t Do Enough for Black Folks During his Presidency, But He Did This:

It seems the palava surrounding the question of whether or not Barack Obama did his due for black folks during his presidency has resurfaced. Was he truly for the people, or was he more concerned with preserving his legacy? While…

Taking Down Robert E. Lee on a Horse Will Not Help Solve America’s Race Problem

I hate to sound like a pessimist, but taking down statues that represent the Confederacy will do nothing to assuage America’s race problem. This is not to say that I believe that they should be kept erect; there are several…

White People Have Work to Do

To understand that white supremacy is as harmful to white Americans as it is to nonwhite Americans, you need look no further than the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, this past week. The white supremacists who descended upon the city, while…

Acts of Violence, Domestic Terrorism, Hate Crimes – Does it really matter what we call it?

Many have heard President Trump’s reaction to the domestic terrorism that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12th. Many are also lambasting his reaction, claiming that it lacked sincerity and empathy. Many are enraged about his audacity to compare the…

Plucking the Root in Charlottesville America

On Saturday, in Charlottesville, Virginia, a group of white nationalists banded together and decided that they wanted to relive a time period that inflicted some of the most monstrous pain and torture against this great nation’s black people. This time,…

Gentrification: The Love/Hate Urban Phenomenon

I remember going home to Detroit one summer to visit family and being met with a place I didn’t recognize. My family and I went downtown one night, per usual, hoping to chop on some Coney Island or Greek cuisine and couldn’t help but notice it. That “it” was the sea of white folks in a Detroit that statistically is pretty damned black.

Rapist Vs Non-Violent Protester: One is Worse than the Other

In the last three days I have counted 16 men on my newsfeed posting about Kaepernick and only one outlining the injustice of a rapist speedy release.

Beyonce’s Formation and the Paradox of Political Protest

Recently Bey broke the Internet again with her new song “Formation,” and in true form, social media reacted with dichotomous fervor, either in support of, or against the Queen.

Slavery is over, so why isn’t Black History Month?

Recently a controversial interview with Stacy Dash weighing in on #Oscarsowhite has hit the Internet world, hard. Among other problematic proclamations, Ms. Dash claimed that there should not be a Black History Month because it, as well as black-centered media (see: BET), fosters segregation.

Why do we as black people complain so much?

Do blacks feel the need to play victim and complain about their conditions? it has been said that even Jews, who have also endured unimaginable suffering, managed to still build themselves up without complaining or reminding the world about it. What do you think?