Anthem For the (Un)-Inspired

For people in any walk of life, inspiration is everything. When inspiration hits, it’s like all at once you turn to magic. Your senses are heightened. Your pulse is racing at a speed that should make your hands shake, but you are so sure of what you have to do that you feel no hesitation. You’ve stepped into a world that’s more vivid than the one you spend most of your days in and, if for only a moment, there are no limits. We think more deeply, question incessantly, explore fearlessly and above all, we create.

Matt Reeves & Malcolm X – “Flawless” Slaves 2

Inspired by Beyonce & Nicki Minaj. JustMattReeves 2014


Opening track off latest project “Conflicted”

The Arrival – Matt Reeves

Filmed in Hawaii. Matt Reeves collaborates with brand About the Goods for a video during a tour around spring break of 2014. Stay tuned for more music and videos this summer. Ethos Club X Different University

Who is Matt Reeves

Matt Reeves grew up in the Parkhill area of Staten Island home to legendary artists such as Wu-Tang Clan King Just, The Force MD’s, The UMC’s and Shyheim.