Wildfires and Prisoners: a Cinderella Story or Just Plain Ole Exploitation?

Recently, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) tweeted about California prison inmates being used to fight its wildfires, which have been some of the most-life-threatening in history. The post reads:…

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While serving in the military, Jackie Robinson was arrested for refusing to move to the back of a segregated bus. In 1947, he made history when his debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers ended racial segregation in Major League Baseball.

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I’ve never had a color complex, so it’s somewhat hard for me to understand how some women feel when they say they feel ugly because they are a dark girl or that they bleached their skin in an effort to…

The Dangers of Chemical Relaxers

Since relaxers were introduced to the public, it has been used as the main source to straightening hair. The upside is that hair is instantly more manageable and easier to maintain, however there is a downside to everything. The downside…

There But for the Grace of God

As I walked the hilly streets of San Francisco, the blustering winds and the chill in the air made my breath catch in my throat. Trying to inhale the icy air into my lungs, my breath faltered again, this time…

Bananas for Beauty and Healing

Bananas are not only a healthy nutritious snack but they have many beauty applications as well as ingredients that have proved to have healing properties and are soothing to a number of skin conditions. Banana Peels If you think banana…