Study Abroad in North Korea with ExplorePyongyang!

Whats in this story

ExplorePyongyang is your premier North Korea based study abroad program. Here at ExplorePyongang we’re committed to providing you a trip that you’ll never forget with memories that will last a lifetime, all in a world class city. Pyongyang, baby! The Paris of the East….or at least North Korea.

With North Korea having developed the capabilities of striking the U.S. mainland and the U.N. Security Council having approved a new round of sanctions on the pariah state, Kim Jong-Un has threatened to rain an enveloping firearound the U.S. territory of Guam, making this potentially your last chance to study abroad in Pyongyang before nuclear fall out makes the trip unfeasible. Talk about once in a lifetime!

Pyongyang’s nightlife is unparalleled. Students have been known to take shots of soju as they listen to, what many outside observers would refer to as, the musical stylings of PSY: South Korean pop star sensation. But they’d be wrong! These hot, hot club hits are written, mixed, produced and performed by Kim Jong-Un himself. The songs, as well as any good times that may result from them, belong to the Dear Leader.

Afraid to dance? Dont be. Its required and you will groove in lockstep with your fellow club goers. Miss a beat and youll spend the night at a government work camp. Because there ain’t no party like a North Korean Workers Party because a North Korean Workers Party is mandatory!

Parents nag. You know it and so do I. Put their minds’ at ease with the knowledge that government minders will always trail closely behind as you make your way from the club to your gulag inspired housing. Study abroad can leave many students with a feeling of isolation during the initial weeks of their stay. But with someone watching your every move, you’ll soon find it impossible to feel alone!

When students arent out partying they can check out the hoards of cultural landmarks Pyongyang has to offer, like that giant statue of the Dear Leader over here and the even bigger one over there.

Financial aid is available through government work programs where students can pay off their study abroad debts (while also learning absolute and total obedience) as they perform some light manual labor. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and have an unforgettable study abroad experience in the country that has everybody talking!

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