Clash of the Children: Top 5 Best Kid Fights in Movies

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Kid fights in movies. We all love them but dont get enough of them. Theres a lot of debate about what makes a good kid fight, so its about time someone sorted it all out. With that, heres the definitive list of the best kid fights in movies. This list maintains a strict age limit. All fighting kids are around twelve or under. We’re not talking teen fights here. And were definitely not talking  kid vs. adult fights like This Boys Life or Fences. Were talking good, clean, old fashioned kid fights. And if youve ever been a summer camp counselor, you already know that the best thing in the world iskid fights! So without further ado…

Lord of the Flies (1990) – 5th Grader Melees

No kid fight list would be complete without Lord of the Flies. You leave 5th grade boys on an island without girls to make fun of and theyre going to brawl. And man, they fucking brawl. Desperation is key in all fights, but kid fights especially. It comes in handy when your friend group splits up into two separate island tribes and you’ve got to prove youre the cool group, even if it means having your fat friend gets smashed to death by a boulder in the process. Maybe next time dont bring a dumb conch to a kid fight. Although underdeveloped, their little fists pack quite the punch, making this movie number five on the lists of greatest movie kid fights.


Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) – Shorty v. Brainwashed Indian Prince

Here, Indiana Jones11 year old sidekick fights a brainwashed Indian prince whos torturing Indiana Jones with a voodoo doll. Its got everything youre looking for when youre talking about two kids fighting each other – scrap, resourcefulness, and Indian death cults. When it comes to two kids beating the shit out of each other, Spielbergs one of the best in the game. It just doesnt get more innovative than this. Extra points for this kid fight’s diversity in casting .


My Bodyguard (1980) – Loner v. School Bullies

The 80s was full of kid fights, from Karate Kid to a movie literally titled Bullies. Whatever it was that made kids want to fight each other so much in the 80s is up for debate. But My Bodyguard, where a new kid in school recruits his very own kid bodyguard to beat up his bullies, stands beyond debate as having  the best kid fights of the era. It surely boasts some of the most kid fighting per overall run time. Its like Tyler Durden set up a fight club at a Chicago area high school but bailed because things got too violent.


Harry Potter series (2001-2011) – Wizard on Wizard Violence

Harry and that little Aryan boy fight everywhere. They fight in classrooms. They fight in haunted bathrooms. They fight on flying brooms. If Hogwarts was a military school, maybe theyd learn some fucking discipline. Instead were left with these epic kid fights (or mutant fights if youre feeling like a bigot). This one gets the nod over other young adult movie franchises, like the Hunger Games, because these kids literally say words and lightning bolts come out of sticks. Thats some next level kid fighting.


Battle Royale (2000) – Japanese School Children v.s. Japanese School Children

This movie is just one giant kid fight. You’ve got Japanese school children running around an island, killing each other with machetes. If they don’t fight, theres an explosive collar thatll blow their heads off. Come on! What more can you ask for out of a kid fight?! You know its a good kid fight when youre forced to fight your classmates to the death until only one of you remains. A classic coming of age tale thats as relatable as it is entertaining.

Fight on kids, fight on.