US Gun Entrepreneurs Launch Startups, After Backlash from School Shootings

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              After the February 14th school shooting in Parkland, Florida, many big companies such as Bank of America and Dick’s Sporting Goods, have pulled support and financial funding for businesses that promote gun ownership. Even YouTube now has strict rules on gun-related content. After the massacre, many refused to fund or associate with companies who sell military grade weapons to citizens.

              Many gun owners interested in creating products for the ever-growing gun community are now forced to create their own start-ups to fill the supply and demand. They have started fundraising to bankroll their own projects, and even have their own YouTube-like service where gun-owners can post. They feel an increasing attack on the second amendment, citing that government cannot stop them from bearing and supplying arms. But, legally, private companies can make their own rules about who they allow to sell or who they loan money to.