Who Says Yarn Can’t Spice Up Your Life? DIY: Yarn Covered Vases

Whats in this story

Flowers, always.  Whether they are dried or fresh, I’m the kind of gal who needs to have blooms present in every room. Growing up, my parents knew the only way to  pull me out of a temper tantrum (lol Leo probz) was to bring home a couple of sweet, petite daisies or lovely little roses. If my parents were in the mood to buy my love, it had to come in the form of flowers – not toys.

The beautiful buds are a timeless classic, so an in old-meets-new sort of way, I’m always trying to find fresh and creative ways to show them off.  Arranging them in oddly shaped vases, hanging them from ribbons – I’ve tried it all. But one of my go-to’s has always been personally adapted glass jars. Here’s a fun and simple way to revamp an old vase and make it your own.

What you’ll need:

  • Yarn
  • Jar of your choice (you can get creative here and use old cans or bottles)
  • Mod Podge

Step 1: Cover the jar in some Mod Podge to help the yarn stick.

Step 2: Begin wrapping the yarn around the jar. I like covering only half the jar, but you can get creative here. Play with different patterns and colors.

Step 3: And just like that, fill the jars with some water and your favorite flowers and your done!

In three simple steps, this is one of the quickest and most adorable ways to personalize vases. In minutes you can adds a pop of color that can suit any room and any season!