Confessions of a Mom- Five Reasons I’ll Never be a Supermom

Whats in this story

I’ve often watched TLC’S 19 Kids and Counting over the years. I’ve observed in amazement as the mother of this large brood, handled her kids with such love and patience. I, like most moms, yearn to be the best every day for my kids; yet I fail constantly. I have come to the conclusion that I will never be Mrs. Duggar, here are the five reasons why.

I yell. A LOT. With three boys, who constantly seem to be trying to sabotage my mental stability, I often find myself yelling at the top of my lungs to “put down that bat and stop hitting your brothers,” or “flush the toilet,” Granted, the bat is plastic and I am perfectly capable of saying these things in a calm, loving tone. I often find myself saying these things several times a day, and can’t understand why my kids don’t remember the first ten times I told them to “stop yelling at each other.” Yea, I know.

motherwalkingwithkidsMy house is almost constantly messy. I realize that this admission will make my mother cringe when she reads this, but I don’t understand how a room I cleaned five minutes before, can be littered with clothes and toys so quickly. I also don’t understand why my kids stare at me, wide-eyed wondering where the mess came from as well.

I hide from my kids. Most moms will never admit this, but I find myself stealthier than a ninja when trying to get some alone time. I cower in the bathroom, sneak into closets, do whatever it takes to get five minutes with a snickers bar and no one asking me to do something. I enjoy these moments. I relish them.

I let media babysit my kids. I know you all are shaking your heads at what a terrible mother I am right now, but I am the first to admit, my kids and a good iPad game is like a mini-vacation time for mama; and when I say vacation, I really mean time to do my laundry or a sink full of dishes.

I don’t always cook, and when I do, it’s not always healthy.  Those gourmet dinners, cooked with organic vegetables and served on a perfectly set table are few and far between. More often than naught, my meals often consist of whatever isn’t expired in my fridge and those foods my boys will eat. I can’t keep up with their raging appetites or changing tastes. As long as their fed, happy and growing, I assume I’m doing my job.

I gave up a long time ago, trying to be Mrs. Duggar. I realize that even though I saw her mothering style as something to emulate, I could never be her. But one thing we do share in common, is our love for our children. As moms, we are so hard on ourselves and often feel guilt, but it’s our love that our children need the most, and what they’ll remember the most.

What do you think? Am I the worst mom ever or just the most honest?