Happy 4/20, Stoners! Here are Some Munchies For Thought On Your Favorite Holiday

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April 20th. Ahh, what a fine day to put on some Tom Petty, order out from your favorite pizza joint (pun intended) and *indulge*.

People all over the globe will be sparking up today in celebration of the world’s chillest holiday. But why do we celebrate our good friend Mary-Jane every 4/20?

It all started in San Rafael, California in the 70s, they say. Rumor has it that 420 was the local police code for ‘Smoking Marijuana in Progress’ and potheads happily stole the term (a lighthearted attempt at screw the man, perhaps?) Other reports say that, yes the term originated in San Rafael, but that it was actually coined by 5 high school stoners who called themselves the Waldos. The boys had learned of an abandoned cannabis crop from a treasure map made by the grower. They decided to meet for their first search at 4:20 pm and their hunt was referred to as such from there on out. And voila! A modern colloquialism was born.

So now that you know why you’re smoking today, blaze responsibly, friends!