How to Hang Your Plants Like A (Gardening) Boss

Whats in this story

I’m a total leo. So yes, I tend to get a little materialistic from time to time. But I can admit that and that’s the first step to knowing you have a problem, right? But truly, if you ask me what I could have more of – I’d tell you plants…and probably dogs. It makes a lot of sense. I mean, Leo’s do enjoy caring for things. But living at home, I still live under my parents rules and my parents were never huge on pets or plants. How I ended up this way, I couldn’t tell ya. But I am very much in love with all my little succulents and my little yorkie.

Trying to fit all my tiny green loves in my bedroom has been a challenge. So one day, after a trip to a local gardener’s heaven – some inspiration sparked. I saw mini succulents hanging in mason jars tied up with string and I instantly fell for in love with those cuties. I looked at the price tag and literally laughed out loud. $30….THIRTY DOLLARS. For a plant I already had in my room, placed in a $2 mason jar, dangling from some string I could purchase at the dollar store. I’m sorry, but I knew I could easily recreate this at home. I rushed home that day and tried it. So here we are, with three simple supplies, DIY Plant Hangers!

What you’ll need:

  • A plant
  • Jute String
  • Beads (optional)

Step 1: Cut 9 pieces of string, about 8 feet long. Then cut another small piece of string only 7 inches long.

Step 2: Take the small piece of string and tie it to form a circle.

Step 3: Hang the loop on something so that you can easily start working with the string. It’s kind of like making a friendship bracelet (or dog collar) where you tie the string downwards. Hanging it gives you a little more room and makes it much easier.

Step 4: Take the 9 pieces you cut and loop them through the circle so that they hang evenly on both sides.

Step 5: Begin braiding your string, making sure you are taking two pieces from one side and one from the other. After you’ve braided about 5 inches down, make a knot to hold the braid. Definitely follow the photos during this step!!

Step 6: This part is optional, but I just wanted to add some color! I bought beads at the craft store and, silly me, they were too small for my string. To make this step easier, be sure to buy beads that you can feed the string through. But I decided to get crafty and take the bead to the knot at the end of the braid, and create a sort of net around it. Then, holding it in place, I made another knot to hold the bead. Again, you can do it this way, or be smarter than I was and just buy the correct size beads.

Step 7: This step is tricky to explain but it’s super simple once you get the hang of it. To make it easier, I laid out the braids so that they were next to each other. Now, you’re going to take two pieces of string hanging from one braid, and one string from the one next to it and make a knot. Continue doing this. It will form a net.

Step 8: You’ll start to notice the net forming once you complete the first round. Go down about 4 inches and follow step 7 again. Continue forming this net until you have four knots all the way down. You should still have a ton of string remaining, that means you did it right!

Step 9: Place your plant in the string, toward the bottom. Leave enough room between the plant and the net so that it dangles. Here, you will simply take the loose strands and wrap them around the plant, then tie a knot at the bottom.

Caring for my plants has always been a passion of mine. If you couldn’t tell already, I am very big on aesthetic as well. Hanging plants around your home is such a fun, easy, and affordable way to decorate and add some life. If you’ve already got some plants at home, you should definitely try out this fun DIY!