China to Give Citizens a Social Credit Score

Whats in this story

              The Chinese government plans to give its citizens social scores, that will decide if citizens are allowed to travel, buy property or even have access to education for their children. The scores will be given based on performances in social settings, as well as in the workplace. Examples being, did you help an old lady cross the street, were you rude to the cashier at the local supermarket. Low scores could even mean low internet service, and not being able to become part of certain professions.

              It sounds so much like an episode of Black Mirror that I had to admit, I didn’t believe it at first. But the system has already been in place for thousands of citizens and will be mandatory for everyone come 2020.  That the Chinese government wants to keep a close eye on their citizens is more than obvious with the 176 million surveillance cameras the country has already installed, with plans to bring in more. But this social credit score is more than just a watchful eye, it’s a means to control who makes it further in their society and who is deemed unworthy.