Julia is a short film based on a character from a series of books. The books are written by various authors, all telling one cohesive and interconnected story. The film aims to tell the story of Julia, a young woman struggling to deal with what she has become, while trying to hold on to fragments of a past that may or may not be hers. The journey through her memory is further complicated by the fact that it contains clues to a mystery she must solve in order to survive.

The film was made in conjunction with THE FEED, whose mission is to provide a platform for new artists to thrive. “The partnership with THE FEED is all about the people behind the film,” says Nicole Denyse, Production Coordinator. “It’s about giving our actors, actresses, cinematographers, sound technicians, writers and everyone involved with this project a venue to expose their talent. More than just a credit, our goal with this project is to help make our cast and crew successful, and its just the beginning!”


Keeping track of Julia’s journey through her personal journal.

Goodnight, Tobias

Another night spent on another assignment. I don’t want to go out tonight. It’s cold, dark, rainy. Kind of suits how I’m feeling about this

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Caleb's Journey

Behind the Scenes



The character JULIA was inspired by a friend’s hair color.  Silly? Yes, but inspiration sometimes comes from the most unusual places. From there we did some conceptual art to flesh out the character and her personality. The red hair in the concept art was meant to show the transformation of the character over time.


The world that our character lives in is much bigger than the story we’re telling in JULIA.  As we developed the backstory, environment and characters we iterated through dozens, if not hundreds, of design decisions. Everything from what they wore to tone and more was considered. Below you can see some early conceptual images.