Falling in Love

Whats in this story

Caleb looked around nervously.

Julia was on her way to meet him. He had promised her a picnic on the beach, but he felt like he just might be sick from the nerves.

He knew he had to tell her. Everything. But he had no idea where to even begin.

This was not exactly how this assignment was supposed to go. It was supposed to be so simple. She falls, she talks, he keeps his eye on her, keeps her safe. He had done these types of assignments before with no problems.

But things had gone from simple to complicated in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Falling for her had taken him completely by surprise. It had started so well. Their initial meeting, their first few dates. But then he found himself looking forward to seeing her, thinking about her all the time. She started to open up to him, and he found himself wanting to see her more and more.

She was so different from anyone he had ever met, he felt drawn in like a moth to the flame.

They started spending every free moment together, trips to the beach, meals at their favorite diner, all things that he never thought he would do, all things that he wanted to do more with her.

But this can’t continue. It completely compromised his assignment. There was only one thing he could do: come clean to Julia and hope that she wants to still be with him.

He sank down onto the blanket he had laid out for her, sighing.

The truth could cost him everything. Julia could want nothing more to do with him, and then what? When he thought about his future, all he saw was her. How could he risk losing her?

But how could he continue to lie to her?

He rested his head in his hands, feeling the frustration build to a point that almost overwhelmed him.

“Caleb?” her voice sounded softly from behind him. He came to his feet easily, trying to mask the rage of emotions on his face before he turned and just stood and stared at her for a moment. Her cheeks were flushed from the walk, her eyes shone at him as she came over for a kiss.

He knew. He knew in that moment that he couldn’t say anything about who he really was. He couldn’t risk it. The thought of losing her was unacceptable.

He needed to take that secret to the grave.