Assignment: Julia

Whats in this story

Caleb leaned back in his chair, taking a slow sip of his cooling coffee. It wasn’t the best he ever tasted, but he wasn’t really at this crummy diner for its mediocre beverages.

He surreptitiously watched her from behind the book he was pretending to read.

She was no one he knew, at least not personally. She was his next assignment. She had taken him from Boston, to Texas, California and now back to the East Coast, New York to be exact. He begrudgingly admitted to himself that he was enjoying the travel involved with this assignment and that he loved this city, loved the beat and busyness of it. He had been here following her for a week now, and he could tell that she loved it too.

She was a loner, this one. Kept mainly to herself. So, the enormity of the city suited her. She liked getting lost in the crowds, not really having to connect with anyone.

He knew this would make his job that much harder. His assignment was a simple one: charm her, court her, get through the walls she had erected around herself. This was not going to be easy with someone who was so clearly withdrawn. Even now, as she sat drinking her cocoa and scrolling through her phone, she seemed completely oblivious to anyone else. It had made following her simple but getting to know her was going to be tricky.

He had luckily found the last available apartment in her building, so running into her would be simple, but talking to her and most importantly, getting her to talk about herself, that was a whole different kind of challenge.

He glanced across the crowded diner. Her head was turned as she stared blankly out the window onto the busy street. He was able to observe her without being too obvious. She really was very attractive: long, dark hair, light eyes. She had almost a haunted look about her, but it intrigued him even more.

He smiled to himself as he returned his attention to his book.

Yes, he would enjoy this assignment very much.