Avengers: Age of Claustrophobia

Whats in this story

Stop everything you’re doing and take in the glory that is this poster.


Beautiful isn’t it? But also a tad bit claustrophobic. Everyone from the Marvel Universe seems to be squeezed into this one poster.


Look at that device on Black Widow’s arm. What is that? I guess we’ll find out come May 1st. I’ve been trying my hardest to avoid all Avengers: Age of Ultron news since the film was first announced. I want to try and enjoy this film old-school style, you know, a time before there were up to the minute details on every single aspect of a film’s production. This has proven to be rather difficult because of two things: I’m the biggest Marvel fan this side of the country (cinematic universe, calm down you comic book fiends) and I cried the first time I saw the trailer for The Avengers. I literally cried, like actual tears because of that final scene where each Avenger is flexing it for Loki and his minions. You know what scene I’m talking about when the camera circles around the group and ends with the Hulk yelling ferociously like a beast. Yeah that scene brought on the water works for me.

Sometimes, when I’m alone in my house I like to pretend I’m in that scene; so I’ll pull out my bow and stretch my arrow like Hawkeye, or I’ll toss my hammer up like Thor, all while this amazingly heroic soundtrack plays in my head. Okay, I just went full geek. Don’t judge me! The movie is about two months away. I have to let my geek flag fly somewhere.

Anyway, back to the poster, it is literally chock full of characters. I would have missed Fury if I didn’t look well. And did you notice that Captain America is standing sort of in front of Tony Stark? That is quite telling on who will be in charge this time around in the sequel. I have my own feelings towards Captain America, which thankfully for all of you, I won’t ramble on about. Just know that I’m TeamStark.

It will definitely be fun to see how Rogers manages to become the new leader over Star. Especially after Tony taught him the facts of life in that infamous scene from The Avengers: