Worldly Travels

A Postcard From Bologna: Good Vibrations

My lack of desire to see Bologna wasn’t based on anything concrete. It wasn’t based on anything at all, really. In actuality it wasn’t so much an aversion to the city as it was a lack of knowledge about it. And as is often the case, what you don’t know about, you don’t take much time to  think about.

A Postcard From Barcelona: Bathroom Dance Parties

All over Europe and the U.S I have been able to manage this sort of travel quite well except in Barcelona. During our 5 days there, my best friend and I kind of got sucked into the tourist spots and couldn’t find our way out. We asked for suggestions but everyone kept pointing us in the same direction. As if we were living in Groundhog Day

Harvesting Happiness in Tuscany

So much of the beauty in life is born from the absence of preconception. Just allowing things to be whatever they will be without projecting anything onto it. Letting this thing affect you, happen to you and unfold around you. It’s about living inside of moments. Being whoever you are inside of that moment without alteration.

A Postcard from Rome: Rome-ance Puns

I spent the total of a year living in Italy before I made it to Rome. I had never thought too much about going until I was given a strange and rather exciting incentive.

A Postcard From Paris: A Declaration of Imperfection

Paris is everything the starry-eyed, six year old version of myself imagined it would be. Demure couples wandering idyllic streets hand in hand, stopping now and then to amorously brush a hand across a cheek

A Postcard From Cork

There’s an unparalleled type of magic and an unequivocal vitality in a traditional Irish session. It is imbued with heritage, soul and illusion. To bear witness to one is to temporarily become a part of the the laughter, joy, hope and struggle of a culture.

A Postcard From Ericeira

Poolside cocktails, string bikinis, sky-high heels, packed beach parties and all-night dance clubs. Ah, Spring break in Ibiza.