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I’m in it For the Backpackers: The Most Affective Way to Travel the World

In just two months, my black and yellow trekking backpack and I developed an oddly…

A Week Amongst Elephants: These Are The Facts & They Need Your Attention Now

When I was nine years old, my big dream, the biggest, dreamiest, dream I could…

A Postcard From Northern Thailand Part 2: Goosebumps and Good Vibes

When the songthaew finally pulled into the village, I eagerly hopped out the back of…

A Postcard from Northern Thailand Part 1: Ride or Pai

I had spent six days in total silence. Nestled in a hut high up in…

Waiting on the Girl to Change

Each and every time I garner this undue acknowledgement, I begin to feel oddly like a fraud. Like I should craft some uniform and eloquent riposte to dole out to every person I’ve unintentionally deceived. One that makes it totally clear that I’ve done nothing remarkable. I may have been unafraid, but foolishly so. In fact, I cried four separate times because of momentary lonesomeness or because, like a child, all of my friends were together and I wasn’t there.

Feeding the Flame – My Time in A Buddhist Monastery

For the last few years, as I’ve wandered across the world, through weeks and in and out of days, finding my independence and self worth in dark, locked boxes that, unbeknownst to me, had always been hidden in strange nooks of my soul waiting to be discovered and set free, I’ve begun to find that… surprise!

Life and Death in Lopburi

There is no beauty more enrapturing than that of juxtaposition. Opposing forces exchanging unlikely compliments.

Talking to Yourself In Public: A Solo Traveler

Leaving Florence was always going to be hard. I never had any doubt about that. I had put far too much of myself into that place for it ever be any different.

Venice Once, Venice Twice…

After floating through the acclaimed canals in a gondola, indulging in long glasses of prosecco and chocolate dipped treats (like a true tourist,) it’s rumored romanticism was confirmed. I could attest to its unmatched, enchanted beauty. And for two and a half years that is exactly how the city lived in my memory. A fairytale moment. A tourist’s dream. I couldn’t imagine being any more enraptured with it than I already was.

A Postcard From A Fiat 500: Vineyards and Vintage Glamour

A couple girlfriends and I decided to crash a vespa tour running through Tuscany. In a small bus, we rode out of our beloved city center and into the hills.