Mobile Devices

LG G6 Review: The Verdict On LG’s 2017 Flagship!

LG was very specific that its new G6 should not be compared against the G5…

Taking a Tech Detox

I always find reasons to be on my phone or computer. I blame it on work, on keeping up with transcontinental friendships, but when it comes down to it, it’s more sinister than that. If we really take a hard look at ourselves, I think that our technology addicted generation would find that we don’t really know how to be alone with our thoughts.

4 Apps You Wish You Thought of First

Have you ever used an app on your phone or tablet and thought to yourself – why didn’t I think of that! Here is my list of three apps that I wish I thought of first.

Is your Cell Phone making you Dumber?

Smartphones have made our lives infinitely easier, providing convenience and comfort like never before. For…

Everything You Need to Know About the Apple Watch

On Monday, March 9th, Apple will be presenting the highly-anticipated Apple Watch for the first…