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Perspective and the Prospect of Us: The one thing that matters in modern dating

What I have started to figure out, though, is this: Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you’re not on the same page with the person that you’re interested in… If you are investing much more time and effort than they are…If you feel like you’re constantly receiving mixed signals or continuously having to make excuses for tactless or thoughtless behavior…Move on.

A Postcard From Cork

There’s an unparalleled type of magic and an unequivocal vitality in a traditional Irish session. It is imbued with heritage, soul and illusion. To bear witness to one is to temporarily become a part of the the laughter, joy, hope and struggle of a culture.

The Relativity of “Enough” — Is Long-Term Travel Selfish?

Long term travel is not for the faint of heart. It requires you to be bold, fearless and independent. It calls for a certain level of forgoence. You need to be able to say goodbye to things and the people that you love and more than anything else, you need to want the change that comes with that.

The Succulent: A Survival Story

Just one moment. What is that? A strange thing you’re emitting. What I mistook for demure silence is actually… Is that pride? Yes, look at you, wearing your own flesh with vitality, audaciously displaying all of your resplendent radiance. How strange, almost like there’s strength beneath all that scrumptious skin.

Quit Your Day Job

I resent it when I find myself mindlessly scrolling through Facebook while in a room full of my friends. I resent it when I’m bearing witness to a beautiful view and I hear a shrill complaint about the lack of wifi because a study-abroad student can’t post their photo on Instagram. And I really resent it when my non-millennial friends tell me about the age of dating pre-tinder and how a person would actually call you to make a plan rather than message at 12am to “see if you’re out.”

A Mime’s Birthday Party

I believe in magic. I always have and I’m quite sure I always will. I like to believe that there are fairies out there somewhere and that they just haven’t revealed themselves to me yet. I like to believe that there are enchanted forests and mystical creatures and that my letter from Hogwarts just got lost in the mail.

Pheromones, Flesh & Freedom

There’s an intimacy that comes with having a stranger’s eyes on you as your dewy skin glistens in a barely-there dress. An unmatched sensuality in sleeping bodies intertwined on a hot night, when the difference between your sweat and mine becomes indistinguishable.

Have Your Cake (and wine) And Eat It Too

It’s hard to talk about body image without using a slew of cliches. But the reality of the situation is that body image is a major societal issue. We have been bred to judge and criticize ourselves and one another brutally, glorifying thinness and finding offense in anything other. We tear people down for sport, for validation, for the sheer fact that it has become our initial reaction to do so.

Rome, Connection & Good Sex Weren’t Built in A Day

The concept of instant gratification is slightly ruinous to our generation. The presence of  incessant, almost invasive technology in our lives has quite literally placed our hearts’ desires at our fingertips. And while there’s much to be said for living in the age of convenience, it seems we have forgotten that we needn’t act on every passing urge.

Confessions of An Eternal Groupie

Becoming a part of the Florence music scene was one of life’s most beautiful accidents.