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Harvesting Happiness in Tuscany

So much of the beauty in life is born from the absence of preconception. Just allowing things to be whatever they will be without projecting anything onto it. Letting this thing affect you, happen to you and unfold around you. It’s about living inside of moments. Being whoever you are inside of that moment without alteration.

Matty and I Have A Secret

You think you’ve gone mad? Well so have I. You’re addicted to cocaine. To the rhythm. To yourself.

Socrates the Self Aware

The most important truth we can find is our own. It is that truth that we have to live with every moment from the second we are conscious to the second we die. It is the one that shapes our perspective and commands our actions towards others and towards ourselves.

A Postcard from Rome: Rome-ance Puns

I spent the total of a year living in Italy before I made it to Rome. I had never thought too much about going until I was given a strange and rather exciting incentive.

Wild Things, Love Your Beasties Best of All

As a little girl I liked doodle bears and barbies, but I adored troll dolls and mad balls and furbies. I was half in love with Beetlejuice and I dreamt of one day looking as lovely as Wednesday Addams.

Bubbles: Through The Looking Glass

You remind us of the immense beauty one can find in simplicity and vulnerability.
And from that innocence blooms a brilliant fearlessness.

Being A Woman Is Easy! Allow Me To Convince You

I don’t care what anyone says! Being a woman is easy! Sexism isn’t real and and the term feminism is just a flimsy soapbox for man-haters to stand on while they spew their man-hating nonsense. Don’t believe me? Well, let me convince you.

A Postcard From Paris: A Declaration of Imperfection

Paris is everything the starry-eyed, six year old version of myself imagined it would be. Demure couples wandering idyllic streets hand in hand, stopping now and then to amorously brush a hand across a cheek

Letting Go In the Name Of Growth: A Hippie’s Tale

My friends love to tease me for my hippie-like tendencies. I meditate daily, study the teachings of The Buddha, and refuse to kill bugs on my bedroom wall (unless they’re mosquitos. I have a theory about why it’s okay to kill them…a different story for a different day.)

Wild Hair, Furry Slippers and You

You introduce me to strange and wonderful characters I never dreamt I’d meet. You paint me pictures of faraway lands and distant pasts and anticipated futures. You breathe life and knowledge into me and I am your agreeable vessel.