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Video: Whats On the Feed Ep. 1

My sister is in a relationship. And it’s complicated. How do I know this? How…

Feeding the Flame – My Time in A Buddhist Monastery

For the last few years, as I’ve wandered across the world, through weeks and in and out of days, finding my independence and self worth in dark, locked boxes that, unbeknownst to me, had always been hidden in strange nooks of my soul waiting to be discovered and set free, I’ve begun to find that… surprise!

Talking to Yourself In Public: A Solo Traveler

Leaving Florence was always going to be hard. I never had any doubt about that. I had put far too much of myself into that place for it ever be any different.

Venice Once, Venice Twice…

After floating through the acclaimed canals in a gondola, indulging in long glasses of prosecco and chocolate dipped treats (like a true tourist,) it’s rumored romanticism was confirmed. I could attest to its unmatched, enchanted beauty. And for two and a half years that is exactly how the city lived in my memory. A fairytale moment. A tourist’s dream. I couldn’t imagine being any more enraptured with it than I already was.

To Plan or Not to Plan: Is it really a question?

You’ve heard the old adage about how you can spend your whole life planning but that the universe is under no obligation to take those plans into consideration… And if that’s true then I’d rather not waste the time.

Tyrant of Her Tresses

Tyrant of Her Tresses And until now, each of you had your place

Forrest Gump and [Insert Name of Your Crush] Sitting in a Tree

You’re totally normal. (Well,probably not totally, but you’ve at least got a handle on yourself.) You’re confident. You’re comfortable. And then all of the sudden it hits you. A terrifying and uncomfortable realization….You have a crush on someone.

A Postcard From A Fiat 500: Vineyards and Vintage Glamour

A couple girlfriends and I decided to crash a vespa tour running through Tuscany. In a small bus, we rode out of our beloved city center and into the hills.

A Day in Details

We’re trained to see the bigger picture. But every picture is made up of a million tiny details that make it into what is. They’re what make it beautiful, unique, personal. But somehow we always seem to miss them.

Drowning in Our Own Stigmas

Our social narrative is dominated by hateful, divisive speech and stigmas. We’ve been trained to dehumanize and devalue in an attempt to seize the upper hand, intentionally throwing off the balance so as to put some at a disadvantage. And it’s working.