Illusion, Coffee and Poetry

They Asked the Man Who Shot Him on the Train and He Pointed At Me

I stopped sleeping with a nightlight while you were in my bed And for a…

You Have Made Me into Art

I’m lying on my back in the grass when suddenly I feel the roots rising…

A Tale of Manic Depression WARNING: Don’t read this if you’re of sound mind

When you’re sad for a long time it becomes a bit of a habit Like…

I’ve Met A Boy Who Likes to Write Me Letters…

The house didn’t just crumble No There was a full blown implosion…again And it left…

Non Sono la Tua Cucciola: A Story of Love & Apathy

A smile at a human in a bar on a night in a city And…

Life and Death in Lopburi

There is no beauty more enrapturing than that of juxtaposition. Opposing forces exchanging unlikely compliments.

Tyrant of Her Tresses

Tyrant of Her Tresses And until now, each of you had your place

The Ruler

Some days it’s all I can do not to live in this place for parts of it are too lovely to be true.
And other days I run from it, fast and far for parts of it have broken my heart.
I think perhaps it’s best just to visit.

Matty and I Have A Secret

You think you’ve gone mad? Well so have I. You’re addicted to cocaine. To the rhythm. To yourself.

Bubbles: Through The Looking Glass

You remind us of the immense beauty one can find in simplicity and vulnerability.
And from that innocence blooms a brilliant fearlessness.