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Study Abroad in North Korea with ExplorePyongyang!

ExplorePyongyang is your premier North Korea based study abroad program. Here at ExplorePyongang we’re committed…

Sheen Magazine’s Third Annual Legendary Weekend Experience

SHEEN Legendary Weekend Experience – April 28-30, 2017 was a weekend to remember for SHEEN…

Does it matter that this is the Whitest Oscars Ever?

If the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite doesn’t make it clear, the list of nominees is almost entirely void of people of color; a fact that has not gone unnoticed. For the second year in a row the top four categories feature an all white cast. Alas, the whitewash saga continues.

White Men Can’t Vote?

Recently, there has been a tremendous amount of media attention focused on the need for…

Maria Retires – My Childhood is Over

Well, it’s official: my childhood is over. Yes, I know, I’m 37…my childhood has been…

I wanna be I wanna be like….Misty Copeland

I think almost every little girl dreams of someday becoming a ballet dancer. I was no different. I dreamed of being on that stage in a beautiful costume, and effortlessly dancing Swan Lake in front of thousands of people.

Empire vs Power

I have been following all the hype on social media over America’s two most watched television shows: Power, a popular Stars series and Empire, Fox’s new hit series. Ive seen them both, this one is better.

What to Watch on Netflix This Weekend

It’s Friday! And we couldn’t be more excited. When that clock hits 5:00 nothing can stop us from racing to our cars or the nearest train station and relishing in the fact that we don’t have to speak to our co-workers again until Monday.

Goodbye James Horner

As a huge fan of films like Titanic and Braveheart, I was saddened to learn…

Jurassic World Smashes Box Office Records

For the second weekend in a row, Jurassic World has topped the box office.