Pheromones, Flesh & Freedom

There’s an intimacy that comes with having a stranger’s eyes on you as your dewy skin glistens in a barely-there dress. An unmatched sensuality in sleeping bodies intertwined on a hot night, when the difference between your sweat and mine becomes indistinguishable.

Have Your Cake (and wine) And Eat It Too

It’s hard to talk about body image without using a slew of cliches. But the reality of the situation is that body image is a major societal issue. We have been bred to judge and criticize ourselves and one another brutally, glorifying thinness and finding offense in anything other. We tear people down for sport, for validation, for the sheer fact that it has become our initial reaction to do so.

Rome, Connection & Good Sex Weren’t Built in A Day

The concept of instant gratification is slightly ruinous to our generation. The presence of  incessant, almost invasive technology in our lives has quite literally placed our hearts’ desires at our fingertips. And while there’s much to be said for living in the age of convenience, it seems we have forgotten that we needn’t act on every passing urge.

Confessions of An Eternal Groupie

Becoming a part of the Florence music scene was one of life’s most beautiful accidents.

A Postcard From Ericeira

Poolside cocktails, string bikinis, sky-high heels, packed beach parties and all-night dance clubs. Ah, Spring break in Ibiza.

Bukowski and Brynna, With (misplaced) Love

He told me how he adored me. How I was everything he wanted in a partner in crime and love; a beautiful line that has been bouncing around all the corners of my mind with sharp, painful pangs. He wanted it to be me, but it wasn’t. He left no room for interpretation or false hope.

Anthem For the (Un)-Inspired

For people in any walk of life, inspiration is everything. When inspiration hits, it’s like all at once you turn to magic. Your senses are heightened. Your pulse is racing at a speed that should make your hands shake, but you are so sure of what you have to do that you feel no hesitation. You’ve stepped into a world that’s more vivid than the one you spend most of your days in and, if for only a moment, there are no limits. We think more deeply, question incessantly, explore fearlessly and above all, we create.

Re-Defining Success (aka being whatever the hell you want)

For the first time in my life, I can’t measure my success by my GPA or another tick mark on my lifelong tally of semesters completed.

Move Without Money – Impulse is the New Black

I can’t measure my success by my GPA or another tick mark on my lifelong tally of semesters completed. The close of another school year always meant we could say with certainty that we achieved something. We were one step closer to that seemingly far-off goal of entering the real world. But no one really told us how we were supposed to measure success once we actually entered it.

The Vatican
A walk in beautiful Rome

I recently went on a weekend getaway to Rome as a first date. It probably would have been much more awkward if I was in a city any less cool, but as fate (or my dates preference) would have it, we found ourselves in Rome.