A New Jenga-Like High-Rise will Try to Connect Residents With the World

Let’s pretend for a moment that buildings are built out of Jenga blocks. For the past century or so, skyscrapers have more or less been built from pieces that are uniformly stacked on top of one another vertically, creating solid, streamlined structures.

Here is The Final World Trade Center Tower’s New Design

The new design for the office tower—still bounded by Vesey and Fulton streets to the…

Would you live in a floating house with an underwater bedroom

The Floating Seahorse is “essentially a boat, not a villa,” according to Kleindienst. It’s a boat that doesn’t move, with a fully-fitted kitchen and a glass-bottomed jacuzzi on its sun deck. But sure, let’s call it a boat.

New York’s New Hudson River’s $130 Million Floating Park

Media mogul Barry Diller and his wife, fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg, have committed to…