Video: Whats On the Feed Ep. 1

My sister is in a relationship. And it’s complicated. How do I know this? How else would I know? I saw it on Facebook. We have this kind of unspoken agreement. If I change my relationship status on Facebook, don’t ask me about it.

I also saw on Facebook that my friend who lives 3,000 miles away got a new puppy. When she was telling me about him chasing his own tail, I enthusiastically exclaimed, “Oh yeah, that was so cute! I saw the video on Facebook!” She was like, “Oh cool, you saw it,” but that led to kind of a weird awkward silence as she tried to think of something to tell me that I didn’t already know and as I tried to think of a question to ask that I didn’t already know the answer to. Finally I opted for just changing the subject and telling her about a car show I attended. Her reply? “Yeah, I saw the pics on Facebook.” Cue second awkward silence. I tried to rescue the conversation by asking how things were going with her boyfriend. “It’s complicated,” she answered. “Oh, right.” was all I could say.


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