You Have Made Me into Art

Whats in this story

I’m lying on my back in the grass when suddenly

I feel the roots rising up from the dirt


I feel them even before they begin poking through my flesh

Innate intuition

A union with the divine

I sense them


And now they’re burrowing into my body as they vibrate a hymn

They’re wrapping around my bones

Weaving in and out of my spine

Braiding a crown about my skull

They push through my eye sockets

They slither between my teeth


Until every inch of my milky white skeleton is knotted with vines

And the vines sprout blossoms

And the blossoms EXPLODE

And all at once my insides are filled with the most glorious blooms


They electrify me and tranquilize me in concert

And just like that I am extraordinary


I am radiant and Pure

Hell, I haven’t felt pure in 15 fucking years


Is this God(dess)?

Is it your love?

What kind of power can allow a girl to tangle her soul up in the soil?

What kind of force can fill a body with flowers and remember to leave

just enough room for breath?


“You ask too many questions”

And I  am reminded that

All that matters is I am full of flowers

And there is still room to breathe

So I breathe


And I am grateful to whatever God(dess)

And to you

For choosing to make me

-Even just for a moment-

Into living, breathing art