I’ve Met A Boy Who Likes to Write Me Letters…

Whats in this story

The house didn’t just crumble


There was a full blown implosion…again

And it left her burned and in bits

Gasping for air and clawing toward the surface

Searching for just a flicker of light between the debris…. Again

And it’s happened over and over and over again

But she always rebuilds with a fearless heart —

Groundless loyalty to a territory with an unreliable foundation


Is she a masochist or a visionary?

An architect who know’s something that we don’t?

How else could she be so uncalloused

So open

So… Naive


But then again, the world often underestimates the strength that lies in sweet naivete

Take the word “Romance” for example:

When they say it, their lips curl

They bare their teeth

They spit the two syllables from their mouth like it’s a dirty word

Because they’re afraid


But not her…

She sighs it out

Sings it even

She chases it down like a huntress

As if she forgets how her prey of choice has made a habit of

Tearing chunks of flesh from her bones

“It always grows back,” she muses


And for a moment she didn’t realize what this was

She didn’t realize that her demolished house was a house again, indeed

That it was a home, even

That you wanted to be invited inside


But your letters kept showing up on the doorstep

And she returned them always with love and flowers and smiles and good vibes

And they were all for you, even if she didn’t know it yet


And just like that she charters an aeroplane

And just like that she pulls you down on the grass in a public park at 2 in the morning

You’re sharing the same cigarette

You’re kissing in a liquor store

And just like that…


Your forehead is pressed to her shoulder and your legs are underneath her

Words could be knotted together forever and still not describe

Just how perfectly your limbs are intertwined

And just like that you slide your hand down the front of her jeans

Now there’s nothing between your skin and hers

She sings a song in her head

Your moving fingers keep the beat

And she could stay this way for quite some time, she thinks…