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Meet Julia

The role of Julia is a complex one, to say the least, and finding the perfect actress to fill that role was not something the producers and director took lightly. After spending weeks going over auditions, they finally found the…

Searching for ET at the cost of $100 Million

A a huge scifi geek, I was at first intrigued by these great minds coming together to discover far off creatures. But after a few minutes of scifi dreaming, I landed firmly back on earth.

My Love/Hate relationship with Donald Trump

We live in a world where people get offended if you eat a different kind of pineapple than they do, and if you dare to say anything against their particular kind of pineapple, you are judging them. Political correctness has…

Goodbye FAO Schwartz

When I heard this store was closing it’s doors, my heart dropped.

America’s Misplaced form of Hero Worship

Immediately, the world seemingly rallied around Bruce Jenner. Celebrities, politicians, his family and friends all showing love and support for his decision to ‘transition’. I wasn’t surprised by the support.

Maria Retires – My Childhood is Over

Well, it’s official: my childhood is over. Yes, I know, I’m 37…my childhood has been over for quite some time, but now it’s official! Maria, from my childhood favorite, Sesame Street, is retiring. This actress with the lovely smile warmed…

I wanna be I wanna be like….Misty Copeland

I think almost every little girl dreams of someday becoming a ballet dancer. I was no different. I dreamed of being on that stage in a beautiful costume, and effortlessly dancing Swan Lake in front of thousands of people.

Video: Editor’s Note – Getting my Kids Organized

Editor and Chief of the Feed personal video blog on things I just find interesting. Check out the article mentioned in this video here http://www.thefeed.us/lifestyle/how-to-keep-kids-busy-this-summer/

How to keep kids busy this summer

We’ve heard it all a thousand times! “I’m bored!” Every kid in America is about to be on summer vacation, and while for some parents, who can afford summer camps and other activities outside of the house to keep their kids busy and happy, others (like me) are forced to get inventive during summer break.

Fodor’s 20 US Places to See Before You Die

  As I get older, my desire to travel has grown. Where there was once a tiny seed of interest in packing my bags and heading out on the open road, is now a giant tree of restlessness and anticipation…