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Why do the majority of African Americans vote democrat?

Even if the Dems cheated on their wives, committed fraud, endorsed questionable prison legislation or sold their firstborn. Blacks simply vote democratic. Why?

Beyonce’s Formation and the Paradox of Political Protest

Recently Bey broke the Internet again with her new song “Formation,” and in true form, social media reacted with dichotomous fervor, either in support of, or against the Queen.

Slavery is over, so why isn’t Black History Month?

Recently a controversial interview with Stacy Dash weighing in on #Oscarsowhite has hit the Internet world, hard. Among other problematic proclamations, Ms. Dash claimed that there should not be a Black History Month because it, as well as black-centered media (see: BET), fosters segregation.

Why do we as black people complain so much?

Do blacks feel the need to play victim and complain about their conditions? it has been said that even Jews, who have also endured unimaginable suffering, managed to still build themselves up without complaining or reminding the world about it. What do you think?