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4 Apps You Wish You Thought of First

Have you ever used an app on your phone or tablet and thought to yourself – why didn’t I think of that! Here is my list of three apps that I wish I thought of first.

Whole Paycheck: A Case in Favor of Whole Foods

Recently, “America’s Healthiest Supermarket” Whole Foods, has come under fire after an investigation revealed that the grocer overcharges their customers. The social-verse erupted when the news broke. Villagers manned with cellphones, laptops and tablets took to Facebook and Twitter to…

Heroes: Reborn – Can it win back its fans?

Heroes returns to television, after what some would call an untimely demise, with #HeroesReborn. It first premiered on television back in the Fall of 2006 on NBC. Heroes was praised during a time when television was rich in ensemble cast…

What to Watch on Netflix This Weekend

It’s Friday! And we couldn’t be more excited. When that clock hits 5:00 nothing can stop us from racing to our cars or the nearest train station and relishing in the fact that we don’t have to speak to our co-workers again until Monday.

Kanye, Babies, Pizza and Dates… Instagram at Its Best!

Most of the time Instagram can seem like the land of selfies and all things Kim Kardashian (who is the self-proclaimed Queen of the selfie). But sometimes, just sometimes Instagram might surprise you with its wit.

BlackOutDay – The Origin of a Movement

Social media can either be a tool for abuse or a place for connecting. On March 6th, the latter took place, spreading across Tumblr, Instagram and twitter as a simple hashtag, #BlackOutDay, sparked positivity and encouragement. Lately, there has been…

Do we take celebrities too seriously?

I think the world has taken the celebrity thing a little bit too far.

Speaking with Candice VanWye, founder of Brown Girl Bloggers

Candice VanWye is the founder of a Brown Girl Bloggers, a community where female bloggers of color go for support and advice. We conducted a short interview via email, here is what she had to say about the challenges of…

Avengers: Age of Claustrophobia

Stop everything you’re doing and take in the glory that is this #avengers poster. Beautiful isn’t it? But also a tad bit claustrophobic. Everyone from the Marvel Universe seems to be squeezed into this one poster.   Look at that…

But What did She Wear? 2015 Oscar Fashion Awards

Best Dressed   Worst Dressed: No Oscars fashion list is complete without the worst looks of the night. Here’s to all the looks that caused us to stop, cringe and wonder what their stylists were thinking.   Until next year…